Monday, October 20, 2008

vegan mofo, day 20: back in dallas.

i'm finally home after a loooong uncomfortable car ride. oh, how i love texas. seriously, i could never live anywhere else. louisiana was fun, though. the highlight of the weekend was going to crowley's rice festival where they had almost every meat on a stick--steak, chicken, fish, shrimp, alligator, crocodile. by the way, i have eaten both alligator and crocodile (pre-veg obviously!) while on other louisiana family trips and actually they were pretty good. ha!

i have no food pictures, but the only interesting thing i can think of anyway that i ate was a muffuleta-like veggie sandwich. lafayette is, unfortunately, not so veg-friendly.

oh, and good news--the date for my history midterm got extended and i only (pfft) have 3 chapters left to read, and my research paper is due later than i thought!

snickerdoodles are a good cure for post car-trip crankiness.

recipe from vegan cookies. i subbed 1/3 cup brown sugar for some of the white. they were too sticky to roll in the cinnamon-sugar mix like the recipe calls for, which probably also contributed to their texture being a little off. but wow were they tasty.

by the way, thanks everyone who tried and liked my banana bread. i think i will call it my plain banana bread. ha!

i will get back to commenting everyone's blogs tomorrow. i'm seriously due for a good gilmore girls marathon ;)


magpie said...

Yummy snickerdoodles!

The soy ice cream is "Soy Delicious" - I like it :)

shellyfish said...

Snickerdoodles are my favorite cookies ever! I love them so! And I'm still laughing (in a sad way) about all that meat on a stick...soon it'll be genetically created to come with a stick I fear!

VeggieGirl said...

Welcome back!!!! :0)

Snickerdoodles = classic deliciousness.

Haha, love the name for your banana bread!! VERY fitting for your blog ;0)

Virginia said...

snickerdoodles are so good! i use the vegan recipe from vegetarian times mag. yum!!!

River said...

You should definitely name your banana bread "plain banana"! It's just meant to be! :)

YAY for eating snickerdoodles while watching a Gilmore Girls marathon! GG's rocks!!

Conquerbysmiling said...

yay! Girlmore Girls Marathon! The best thing ever:] And with snickerdoodles? Could it get any better? Talk about heaven;)

Veg-a-Nut said...

Snickerdoodles can cure anything. :o) Glad you had good new concerning school. I so remember those days!

Perfect name for you banana bread, I think is fits nicely.

VeganView said...

I am so glad you wrote on my blog! I just love yours! I haven't had vegan snickerdoodles, yours look sooo scrumptious!

Sanja said...

O, a Gilmore Girls marathon, that sounds awesome!

you snickerdoodles look lovely - yum!

shelby said...

Must. Have. Snickerdoodles.

I must try your bread as soon as I get home!!

Celine said...

woohoo for the car ride being done!

The Cooking Lady said...

Did someone mention Gilmore Girls. My daughter has gotten me hooked on that show. If there were a Star Trek marathon v. Gilmore Girls, I do not know what I would do.

I made a second batch of your banana bread, but we added a half a stick of butter, and that did it for us. But I still love the fact that I went from a recipe my mother gave me years ago(1 pound of butter) to just 1/2 a stick.

I love banana bread. I said that already...didn't I?

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Dallas rocks! And hey, since I'm so close... pass me the snickerdoodles! ;o)