Sunday, September 28, 2008

sorry sorry sorry!

wow, it's been over 2 weeks since i last posted. jeez. but in my defense, i have been extremely busy! i'm trying to get caught up with my online english class (the bookstore didn't get my books in until a MONTH after classes started) as well as study for history tests and the SAT and practicing piano as much as possible, since i've decided to be a piano performance major at university of north texas. i have to get together a "portfolio" cd with six pieces on it sent in ASAP. basically, my life has been doing school and playing piano for the past 14 days. intense!

so i obviously haven't had much time for blogging unfortunately, much less baking. but hopefully things will calm down a bit soon and i can get back to semi-regular posting.

i bought the happy herbivore sneak-peek e-cookbook! i made the chocolate chip cookies with the suggested alteration of subbing 2 tbsp cocoa for 2 tbsp of the flour, as well as doubled the recipe. they turned out delicious! i didn't bother to try to shape them into nice circles though, i really just wanted to get them in the oven and cooking so i could eat them, haha. sorry about the bad lighting!

also, i made the pecan cinnamon buns, leaving out the pecans and icing because i don't like that stuff. i sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top though. these were great! next time i'll add a bit more sugar to the dough to make up for the icing.

this was all in one day. so with cinnamon buns for breakfast and a ton of cookies plus the REQUIRED licking of the bowl/spoons/anything with batter on it i'm a little sugared-out. this week i'll get back to my normal (kind of) healthy eating. ;)


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

No need to apologize... I remember studying for the SAT-- NOT a fun time in my life; it was streeeessful (well, the studying combined with college applications).

I'm going to check out the link to the sticky buns right now, because they look and sound so good.

vegalicious said...

Cinnamon buns sound so good right now. Good baking choice!

That's so exciting that you chose piano to major in! Isn't piano amazing? It's a huge part of my life as well.

Good luck on the SAT. It's really not as hard as it sounds, I'm sure you'll do fine!

shelby said...

I love that sticky buns recipe! You just reminded me how good they were and that I should make them again! And I just made those cookies too!! Weird... =P

The Cooking Lady said...

These look yummo. I see you were eating a lot of lentil soup. I have one on my blog, 'French Lentil Soup'. Oh my stars, I could eat that forever, and with fall coming to the north(Not here in Florida) then it is picture perfect with a good book or an old movie and a book of tissues if you so need it.

tofufreak said...

AAAH!!!! SAT practice stinks. The actual thing is sorta fun though, i find hehe :D

i play piano too! though my playing is mostly just for minor competitions and personal enjoyment. best of luck!

I LOVE THOSE PECAN CINNAMON BUNS!! they look so so so good!

talieworld said...

Trust me I know how hard the SATs can be! Are you taking the ACTs to? They're WAY easier!!! At least to me. :)

The cookies and cinnamon buns look delish, I've been baking all day to, so I'm also kind of sugared out from all the bowl/spoon licking!

talieworld said...

Yeah, I did a lot better on the math sectionthan the english section.
On the ACT the science section is really just using information the question gives you to slove the anwser, its really not hard, its just the most time consuming.

River said...

Mmm cinnamon buns... droooooling here! I know how you feel about those cookies, they are to die for!

Your life does sound intense and exciting! Good luck with all your tests and your portfolio CD! :)

VeggieGirl said...

WHEW, you've been busy, for sure!! But yay for being back - especially since your eats/baking adventures are always enticing!! :0)