Saturday, September 13, 2008

chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies.

cute and yummy cookies from the soy of cooking! actually they were supposed to be cranberry-oatmeal cookies but i really wanted chocolate chip ones :P i actually made no modifications besides that (for once), otherwise i would post the recipe. it's a book worth checking out though, it has a ton of great recipes.

my puppy--i say that, but she's really ten years old--was sitting in the kitchen the whole time, hoping i would drop something so she could have a little snack, but she eventually gave up to sit in the corner.

sorry wendy, none for you!


Celine said...

your pup is adorable! I used to call my baby puppy too even when she was getting older. give her a cuddle for me?

VeggieGirl said...

Oooh, delicious cookies!!

Wendy is precious :0)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I don't blame you on changing the recipe to chocolate!!!

And I still call my 10-year-old dog a puppy too :o). Your "puppy" is adorable.

shelby said...

Aww Wendy is adorable! I wish I could have a dog...

Mmm your cookies look delicious =)

vegalicious said...

Wow stacking those cookies like that must have taken some serious skill! Haha. They look delicious and your doggie is super-cute.

River said...

The cookies look so yummy - and what a great picture!

I love your puppy! <3

sweetpotato said...

Yum cookies!!

Wendy is so cute!

Lauren said...

haha i would totally change them to chocolate chip oatmeal cookies too, those are actually probably my favorite kind of cookie, because you can pretend they're healthier haha ;)
and your puppy is soo cute, haha i still call mine a puppy too even though shes really old..always a puppy in my mind! (Terry) said...

Nice blog! Delicious.. all around.

thank you for the viewing.

A fellow blogger,

Terry Burton

Katie said...

Nice cookies! Wendy looks like a sweetheart. I understand why she wanted you to drop some dough for her...I wouldn't mind a spoonful myself!

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