Thursday, August 28, 2008

busy busy busy.

this week has been hectic! i feel like i've barely had time to just sit down and rest, let alone bake anything :( i have a mad cookie craving and don't have time at all to make any! and of course i'm working the 6-hour closing shift every day this weekend. ughhh.

i really like my classes so far though. i'm making a wormhole out of various wires and a tree branch in my design class. sounds weird but it's really fun.

the one thing i will not skimp on when i'm short on time is breakfast! i picked up a couple packages of van's waffles at sprout's yesterday. they so beat eggo waffles, especially with fresh strawberries & preserves :)


and now . . . alien potatoes from outer space?!

scary, i know ;)


shelby said...

I know this sounds weird but I am almost terrified by those things on the potatoes!!! I won't go near them and I will scream and freak out if someone comes near me with one. haha.

Mmmmm waffles...haven't had those in a while, I think I'm going to go bug my mom for a waffle maker now =)

sweetpotato said...

i love van's waffles! they are so good.

vegannurse said...

Ah! An invasion!

Lol, seriously, that sweet potato looks deadly and freaky, hehe..

Van's Waffles are yum-yum, by the way! Nice presentation!

Katie said...

Wow that is one freaky potato.

I know what you mean about food prices - they are insane these days! My parents always say "you better eat this!" And I do, most of the time :)

JennShaggy said...

thank you! so do the potatoes :)
or not.

but the waffles look deelicious.

River said...

Cool potatoes! You should use them as Halloween decorations! :)

I love Van's waffles! The blueberry ones make the whole house smell like you just baked something delicious! said...

that potato is...scaring the poop out of me. pardon my French.

Paulina said...

In response to your comment, yes I do live in Austin. I really don't know where I'm going to college yet, but it will probably be here in Austin too.

I love your blog!

tofufreak said...

haha this happened to one of my sweet potatoes too! i was so weirded out. haha it cracks me up.

ed said...