Sunday, August 3, 2008

spiral diner and post-impressionism.

i finally got around to visiting spiral diner & bakery, the winner of the 2007 vegnews veggie award. i went to the fort worth location, which is considerably farther from me than the dallas one, but it's 10 minutes from the arts district and i wanted to stop in at the museums.

the outside wasn't much but it was cute on the inside, bright aqua walls and elvis stuff everywhere. there was a little store at the front, selling everything from organic peppermint soap to nayonnaise to spiral diner t-shirts.

i have no pictures of my food, unfortunately, but it was delicious! i had the chopped bbq seitan sandwich, which had red onion, pickles, and mayo, along with the mint chocolate chip i-scream shake which was incredible. i also stole a bite of my brother's "ate" layer burrito and my mom's parmagiana wrap. yumm.

we had to wait a good while for our meals, but i'll forgive them because it's the only other place i've been to besides mr. natural and the cosmic cafe where i don't have to worry about sneaky animal products in my food.

afterwards we went to a museum. the rotating exhibit was on the impressionists. i'm not very into that style; it's not thought-provoking enough for my taste, but i always like the outside sculptures. we didn't have enough time for the modern art museum but i'll probably be going this weekend and hopefully to spiral diner again!


sweetpotato said...

Your meal sounds delicious! I wish I lived near one of those diners.

It looks like a great start to your blog!

Also, thanks for the comment!

VegTeen for Christ said...

Welcome to the blogging world!
Its always great to see another vegan teen!


Kaylee said...

Woohoo! Finally someone has reviewed that place. (Atleast someone I'm 100% is hooman. :3) I'm actually going there for my birthday soon just to try it out. I wish I could try everything on the menu though. XD Thankfully I live in Fort Worth, so it's not a long drive over there, so we'll have plenty of time during the night to wait for our foods.

Anonymous said...