Sunday, August 17, 2008


well, this morning my family went to houston (i'm staying because of work) and took the camera. so, sadly, i have no way to show you my weekend's cooking adventures.

the cake i mentioned in my last post was east indian spice cake from soy of cooking. i didn't have any cardamom so i made up for it with a bit more of the other spices, and i didn't have prune puree so i subbed canned pumpkin. in short, it was like gingerbread. really. it did NOT rise at all. i decided to make a second one and layer it on top so it would appear to be bigger. i mixed up the creamy molasses topping and found it was too liquidy, so i added more tofutti. still liquidy. i ended up just pouring it over the cake. it was tasty as hell but severly lacking in the presentation department, because after getting so frustrated with the cake i didn't feel it deserved to be decorated. oh well!

prior to the cake escapade i tried cooking up some blueberry waffles. great idea, except i've never made waffles in my life and had no idea how to tell when they're ready. i lifted up the top of the waffle iron too soon and got a gobby (but tasty) mess of waffles. at least the stuff came off easily so it wasn't hard to clean up . . .

so, after describing my failures, i'd love to know: what are YOUR worst cooking experiences?


Celine said...

if I told you all about my worst cooking/baking experiences, we'd be up until the end of next best.

shelby said...

What waffle iron do you use? I've been looking for one but there is too may and I want to get the best one!

I've had wayy to many bad cooking experiences to count, but I usually find a way to make it somewhat salvageable...

Katie said...

I love your blog!

I have a long list of kitchen failures: I've burned rice, broken glasses, overcooked pasta and ended up with some nasty raw improvisations (I'm learning.) Just today, at work, I soaked my apron in frozen custard and got milkshake splattered all over my shirt. Fun, fun :)

Lauren said...

so i really like your blog lots. =D

i dont think ive ever made waffles in an iron like that either, but at least yours were still tasty! i'm not so sure about my worst cooking experience..i'd say probably with breakfast foods (pancakes,french toast)...i can never seem to flip them right and they always turn out kinda messy..but hey they always still taste good!

VeganCowGirl said...

worst cooking experience = my first year as a vegan and trying to make falafels...made chickpea water...misread 3 tsp for 3 CUPS!!! Cried my head off.

COURTNEY said...

i think the first time i tried making tofu i tried grilling it but marinading it first.

but i didn't realize you had to get all the water out of it first by wrapping it in a towel or whatnot. it was terrible and my family said stuff like ' i told you tofu was gross'

ed said...