Tuesday, November 4, 2008

lasagne marinara with spinach.

quite an exciting election, yes?! this was cool for me because it was the first time i actually knew/cared about what was going on. i'm a libertarian and didn't really like either of the candidates. but i'm sure that even though i don't agree with alot of his views, obama will make a good president.

okay, so, FOOD.

veganomicon has been checked out from my library for FOREVER now and it finally came in!
my first thing to make was the lasagne marinara with spinach.

this is weird, but when i was little i somehow developed this psychological thing with lasagne where i was convinced it would make me throw up if i ate it. luckily since then i have become more open to eating different things. so, i think this is the first time in about ten years that i've had lasagne. ha!

it turned out FANTASTIC. the tofu ricotta was especially good. i was expecting it to taste, well, tofu-y, but it really was right on.

my brother had about three pieces and my dad had four.

there are too many yummy looking things in this book! what should i make next!?


Anonymous said...

That looks so good! If I wasn't a noodle-phobe then I would totally make this.

I had no idea you were homeschooled! I'm just worried about friends. I don't know how else to meet people. Did you do an online program or did you teach youself? Also, how did you meet people? I don't know if you have an e-mail but if you do you can just e-mail me sdearborn18@yahoo.com

VeggieGirl said...

YUM!!!! Fantastic dish, indeed.

Georgia said...

I haven't made that dish yet (I have only just got Vcon from the library too).

I would recommend the chickpea cutlets - super simple and really good texture (I baked mine).

Also the pumpkin saag is good.
My reviews for all vcon recipes are up on my blog if you are interested.

Brooke said...

i just found your cute blog! i'm brooke by the way :)

your lasagna looks delicious, i will have to try that recipe! there are so many in v'con that i forgot about.

magpie said...

I'm a libertarian too, and I'm happy with Obama. I loved Ron Paul though. Sigh.

Celine said...

I'm glad you managed to put your hand on a copy of v-con, have fun experimenting with it!

maya said...

looks delicious.yum!

Anonymous said...

I KNOW! I don't get it either. It's okay to kill a baby, but not a cow or chicken? That's messed up thinking. I keep trying to place myself in the mother's posistion, but I always end up thinking: There is no way I would have an abortion, that baby is already ALIVE, it would be like murdering someone, literally.
haha, coffee stains are my worse fear! Coke stains come in second place, I don't want the acid to hurt my teeth. The dentist said that coke and coffee leave brown residue which stains- bleh.
Yummy, that lasagna looks delicious! Does it have vegan cheese in it or just marinara sauce? One time I made a lasagna without cheese, it ddin't turn out very well. I'm dying to get that cookbook because it looks like it has yummy recipes! And that's so awesome that your family ate it too:]

Anonymous said...

VCON is great - I hope you'll like it before it has to go back!

Alice (in Veganland) said...

I haven't made this recipe, but I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy everything from Vcon. It has great recipes! So your family will be having seconds for a while :-)

Anonymous said...

I haven't made much from this book due to lack of time, but I've loved everything from it so far. This lasagna sounds great!

Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

yum, i haven't tried the lasagna yet! I suggest Snobby Joes and Pumpkin Ziti.

Megan said...

I just bought Veganomicon last night! I tried the Jelly Donut Cupcakes, but I misread the amount of baking powder, so they didn't quite turn out. >.>; Still tasted good, though.

I might do the lasagna next, it's getting to be the warm-comfort-food time of year.

River said...

Fabulous dish! Your dad is eyeing it, looks like he's guarding it! :)

Anonymous said...