Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my life as of late: a photo essay

okay, so i haven't blogged in a long time, obviously. so i decided that instead of boring you all with a painfully long post i'd simply put up a photo essay, because not only does that sound all sophisticated-like and artsy it's alot more fun. woo hoo!

pumpkin pie.

foam sculpture from 3D design class, cast in aluminum

carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.. this wasn't vegan, but it's quite lovely anyhow

sporting my humane society shirt, although you can't see it.

cranberry pie.

my grandma's molasses crinkles, veganized!

creamy mac n cheeze from fat free vegan. actually by the time i took this photo it kind of hardened as saucy pasta is apt to do. but i promise it was creamy at some point in time and was very delicious.

bonus video: dr gradus ad parnassum! i'm playing it for part of my college audition. i've been practicing my ass off lately. around 3 hours a day. (does this video work? i'm not sure, i embedded it from facebook)


Sanja said...

I can't see the video... It says to log in?

And may I have a slice of pumpkin pie, a slice of cranberry pie and a molasses crinkle? Please?

JennShaggy said...

hell yeah. especially if you could get your hands on an untainted-by-meat deli slicer.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! That's a whole lot of yumminess in one post!
You are totally forgiven for your lack of blogging >;o)

Alice (in Veganland) said...

This is just a guess, but I think if your facebook profile has some sort of privacy settings, the the videos have the same privacy settings. You can embed it but we cannot watch it because your profile is not public to everybody.
But I'm not even sure about this...
I think molasses cookies are the best thing ever, and those molasses crinkles look amazing!

Anonymous said...

I can't see the video either:(
Well, I'm glad to know I'm not alone when those caffeine headaches hit! haha. It usually only hapens in the middle of the day for me.
And I"m glad to see you posted! We've missed you!!!

VeggieGirl said...

Welcome back!!! I've missed your posts!!

Scrumptious food; fun sculpture; wish I could see the video, but it's set to private :-(

Virginia said...

can't see the vid, but the food looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Girl I've missed you and you lucious posts! =)
The cookies and pie look amazing and so does that mac and cheese.
Looks like you've been having some good eats!

Jemima said...

aww wow it all looks amazing! the video worked for me - you are very talented. and also extremely beautiful - hope you know that! xxx

Skippy said...

Your piano playing kicks some serious A!!!I'm sure you'll wow the college people.

Maya said...

your so talented at baking/cooking/piano!!

Anonymous said...

Love that you're back in action! I want me some pie, and look out college!

River said...

WOW!!! The food and the sculpture are fabulous, but the video just blew me away! You are SO talented, Alaina! Wow, I am just blown away. If this is what you're doing for your college audition, then you can consider yourself admitted!

Kiki said...

Hey Alaina! I've been reading your blog for a while and I'm glad you're back. Everything looks really delicious. And you're such a talented piano player!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Oh it's been too long since I've had carrot cake!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, great desserts, they all look so good! And man, you've got skills... I can't play any musical instrument to save my life.

Anonymous said...

ohhh yeah gotta love fresh market..i am determined next time to grind out my own!!!! i would feel super cool afterwards :) have a good one chica

Brooke said...

glad you are back! i love your fun post!

oh my gosh, your pumpkin pie is perfect :)and i think your macaroni and cheese still looks delicious!

Joanna said...

hey alaina!!

that's funny. are you and miles best friends? i feel like mitchel and me are the only ones who understand each other and nobody else around us does. i guess that's why i love him. haha is smoothie king where you work??

that carrot cake looks awesome- vegan or not!!! it's my favorite cake out there.

Anonymous said...